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Pão de espelta

Spelt Bread Recipe


Today is spelt bread recipe day! That’s right, bread, that bogeyman that many are afraid of.

But is it the villain of our lives?

As you know very well, I am an apologist for balance, and bread is part of our lives. You can’t ask people who live in countries with a mostly Mediterranean diet to take the bread out of their lives!

And it makes me a little sad that people think bread is the enemy. But of course, as in everything, choices have to be made, and some types of bread are better than others.

Darker bread types are generally better, as well as those with seeds since they have more fiber in their composition.

White bread types, on the other hand, are too processed.

That’s why you have to find the right balance!

We must always keep in mind that the bread types that are made in bakeries, with fewer ingredients (only the essential ones), without coloring or preservatives, are the best ones because the supermarket ones have too many chemicals to make them last longer.

It is always best to look at the labels (if they exist) or ask for the ingredients.

Alternatively, you can do like me and venture out to make your own bread. Like today with this Spelt Bread Recipe!

I chose spelt because I consider it a healthier cereal. It is from the wheat family, but it is whole grain and therefore goes through fewer processing processes. Hence its darker color than wheat flour.

Its absorption is slower and therefore the glycemic peaks are not as high.

Well, it’s not that I’m super knowledgeable about these nutrition issues – I’m not a nutritionist or anything like that. But I like to do research on foods, and in a way, it’s a bit of common sense.

In order to make healthier choices, we have to be informed about foods and their benefits.

Well, that said, let me tell you about this experiment of making bread at home.

I don’t have a bread machine, just a conventional oven, and I have tried to make bread several times. But I used those bread preparations and they always turned out badly!

This time I decided to make it from scratch and it worked?!

But don’t do like me, who put the dough in a stainless steel bowl! ahah it rose and then I couldn’t put it in the oven!

The adventures of those who dare to go into the kitchen and experiment!

Basically, I had to knead the bread again and then I put it in an English cake pan (kneaded bread 2 times! ahah).

But look how well it worked out, it still turned out great. But if you want fluffier bread, don’t do as I did. Do it right the first time and you’ll have wonderful bread waiting for you!

And you know what? ENJOY YOUR BREAD AS MUCH AS YOU CAN! Because there is nothing like beautiful bread fresh out of the oven.

And believe me, this spelt bread is W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L!


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Let’s check the step-by-step?


Pão de espelta3




  • 1 kg spelt flour
  • 600g lukewarm water
  • 1 sachet of dry baker’s yeast
  • Salt to taste


  1. In a large bowl or tray, place the flour
  2. Add the salt and mix with the help of a fork or wire whisk.
  3. Little by little, pour a bit of lukewarm water and start to fold it.
  4. When the dough is a bit liquid, add the dry baker’s yeast and mix well.
  5. As soon as the dough starts to become more consistent (i.e., less liquid), knead it well with your hands until it forms a uniform ball.
  6. Place the ball-shaped dough on a baking tray or in an Enligh cake form.
  7. Cover with a damp cloth and let it rise for about 2 to 3 hours.
  8. After the rising time (or just before it ends) preheat the oven to 180º.
  9. Bake the spelt bread dough for 40 to 50 minutes.
  10. Let it cool and serve it with a nice dollop of butter or whatever topping you enjoy.

Suggestion: It is possible to make this bread with a kitchen robot. Just add all the ingredients and choose the knead option.

You can divide the dough into several small balls and make several individual loaves.

Add fillings, such as olive oil, dried tomatoes, olives, or nuts. It will also taste fantastic great if you add seeds on top.

If you think it is too much bread, freeze it. I usually cut it into slices and freeze it to eat throughout the week.


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