Como nasceu o Alida's Food?

For some years I lived clinging to the ghosts of the ideal weight and was constantly doing crazy diets, to the point of not eating what I really liked.

At one point in my life I've realized that it's not worth living with a lot of restrictions and not being able to eat properly, when I can simply have a balanced life and have the weight I want without always depriving myself of what I like. And, more importantly, I came across the fact that I stopped doing one of the things that makes me the happiest: EAT.

Of course, these ghosts haven't disappeared overnight and from time to time they still knock at my door, to see if I get scared. But throughout these years I have realized that it is possible to be happy and have a good relationship with food.

O Alida's Food é uma parte de mim, é o meu espaço criativo e ocupa um lugar muito especial no meu coração!

Hey, my name is Alida

I have a BSc in Management and a MSc with specialization in marketing and I followed the path of most young people of my age. I've been working for several companies in my professional path, but I felt I needed more. So, I created this project that I call "my little baby", that allows me to do what I truly LOVE.

I'm passionate about food, restaurants and I love trying new flavors. Photographing delicious food and beautiful places is my biggest hobby, especially when there is an interesting story between laughter and laughter.

A typical millennial maybe, but the truth is that it is this world that revolves around these new gastronomic experiences that makes me vibrate and makes me want to experience more things, to travel the world in search of new cultures and their foods and makes me so happy when I enter my kitchen and let myself go.

My mission

I want to show you that it is possible to live happy and healthy without having to stop eating everything we like and say no to our social life. I will show you that the famous "cheat days" are a fallacy because every day is good for eating what we want as long as we feel good and happy.

Here you can find the delicious recipes that I cook at home, created by me and I can assure you it is what I eat in my daily life. Most of them are healthy, but there are also some sins that are good for the soul, the heart and the stomach! I don't make recipes that I don't like or that have ingredients I don't eat. My aim is to show you what I eat in my daily basis and that it is possible to achieve a balanced lifestyle eating what you love.

My goal is to also inspire you to cook more and better, to have fun in the kitchen and be happier, nurturing your body well!

It's time to put on your apron and get all the ingredients. Ready to get your hands dirty?


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