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Waffles de Abacate e Ovo Escalfado
Lunch/Dinner, Breakfast, Snacks

Avocado and Poached Egg Waffles

June 10th, 2021

These Avocado and Poached Egg Waffles are perfect for brunch or a quick lunch without too much work. I love waffles, whether sweet, savory, whatever. But I especially like the salty ones. In fact, anything savory to me is a must try and these avocado and poached egg waffles are no exception. First, they have avocado. That alone is a winner! And guys, poached egg with the liquid yolk? That's all I want right now!

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Breakfast, Sweets & Desserts, Snacks

Spelt and Blueberries Waffles

June 3rd, 2021

Today's recipe is a wonderful Spelt and Blueberries Waffles, ideal to eat for breakfast, any day of the week. They are perfect to eat for breakfast, and if you prepare them the day before, you won't have any trouble first thing in the morning. Whether it's for a weekend brunch or for breakfast before going to work, it's best to make them really yummy!

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Cookies Coloridas
Snacks, Sweets & Desserts

Funfetti Cookies

May 28th, 2021

World Children's Day is almost here and nothing like celebrating with some Funfetti Cookies, perfect to make with the younger ones. At home we love cookies at any time, but this time we decided to try some vegan funfetti cookies and they turned out pretty good! They are perfect to make with the kids, because besides being super easy and taking few ingredients, they have these colorful funfettis that make any child happy!

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Empanadas de Carne Picada
Lunch/Dinner, Snacks

Minced Beef Empanadas

13 de May, 2021

I love finger food and these Minced Beef Empanadas turned out just wonderful! One of the greatest pleasures I have when I'm in the kitchen is to try new things. To get a little out of the usual and invent, use my imagination and get inspired by other countries' cuisines. These minced meat empanadas took me to Argentina, without ever having been there. But I can say that they are not bad at all!

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Panquecas de mirtilos e iogurte
Breakfast, Sweets & Desserts, Snacks

Blueberry Yogurt Pancakes

April 29th, 2021

Mother's Day is just around the corner and I prepared these Blueberry and Yogurt Pancakes that will surprise all moms! At home we love pancakes and my mom can never resist when I make a batch of pancakes, whatever they are. So, even away, I decided to honor my mom with these wonderful blueberry and yogurt pancakes.

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Madalenas de Laranja e Lima
Sweets & Desserts, Breakfast, Snacks

Orange and Lime Madeleines

April 1st, 2021

These Orange and Lime Madeleines are perfect for breakfast, brunch, or as a sweet snack. Madeleines are typically French cookies, but they also exist in their own versions in other parts of the world. Portugal is an example, I remember eating madeleines as a child and being amazed by the soft texture and the orange flavor. They are tea cakes, perfect to eat for breakfast or a snack, and are super soft. Usually with a citrus aftertaste, either orange, lime or lemon.

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Brownie com Ovos da Páscoa
Sweets & Desserts, Snacks

Brownie with Easter Eggs

March 30th, 2021

Easter is just around the corner, and there's nothing like a delicious Brownie with Easter Eggs to start this festive season. You know those "American style" brownies, very abundant, dense and gooey? These brownies with Easter eggs are all that and more! And believe me, I'm not just bragging about my cooking skills. ahah

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Cookies Choco Chips
Sweets & Desserts, Snacks

Choco Chips Cookies

March 24th, 2021

Want to know what's the best cookie recipe ever to celebrate any moment? It's these wonderful Choco Chips Cookies! They are super crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. They look like real American cookies.

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Batatas Wedge
Snacks, Lunch/Dinner

Potato Wedge

March 11th, 2021

Potato wedges are perfect for meat or roasted dishes, grilled or fried fish, or even as a snack. And this version I'm bringing you today is an oven-baked version and therefore much healthier. At home we don't do anything else! I love potatoes "no matter what", as they say.

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Quesadillas Vegan
Lunch/Dinner, Snacks

Vegan Quesadillas

March 4th, 2021

Today we have some wonderful Vegan Quesadillas, perfect for a Mexican dinner or a greedy snack. I love quesadillas and we make them several times at home. They are not always vegan, but since we like to try new recipes, we venture out.

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