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Pudim de Chia com Morangos

Chia Pudding Recipe


Today I’ll be talking about a Chia Pudding Recipe.

I’ve been making chia pudding at home for a while now, usually for breakfast, and I had a feeling it was a fad that was going around. Being a fad, I assumed that most people would know how to make chia it, almost in a heartbeat. I was wrong!

Many people ask me what is the big secret of chia, chia pudding, and how it gets that pudding-style consistency.

In the beginning, when I started preparing it at home, I also had the same question and so I completely understand the question. I tested many recipes, there were countless failed attempts and I finally figured out the secret. It was also someone who taught me, a friend of a friend, and since then my relationship with chia pudding has changed completely!

The big secret is the quantities, as simple as that! Just try to follow the indicated quantities and you will see that it comes out perfectly.

Okay, I will reveal the truest truth of all. There is another trick! Do you want to know what it is?

Well, I’ll tell you… Stir the chia well when you mix it with the milk. The more you stir it, the more the chia will swell and becomes incorporated into the milk. This way it will get the ideal pudding-like consistency.

Yes, that’s it! There are no more tricks. If you use the right amounts and mix well, there is no way to fail.

This recipe is very simple and very easy to make. You can use your imagination and elaborate more on it, but the basis I make is this.

Besides being a great recipe and full of fruit flavor, it works very well for breakfast. You can make it the day before and leave it in the fridge, and you can even make a large quantity so it lasts a few days.

Just one tip, don’t overdo the amount in each serving, because chia pudding is a filling food in itself. You will easily be satiated for a few hours with the amount I indicate below. If you make a larger portion, you run the risk of getting too stuffed.

Well, let’s see this recipe step by step?

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  • 4 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1 cup milk or plant-based drink from your choice (around 200ml)
  • 6/10 strawberries
  • Honey to taste


  1. In a bowl, place the chia seeds.
  2. Then add the milk little by little and mix.
  3. Mix very well until it starts to thicken.
  4. Then reserve the chia mixture with the milk. You can even put it in the fridge for a few minutes.
  5. In a small pan, put 2/3 of the strawberries, already cut into small pieces, and add the honey.
  6. On medium heat, let it boil until a syrup is formed. Stir from time to time so that it doesn’t stick or burn.
  7. As soon as the strawberries are soft and the syrup is quite visible, crush the strawberries with a potato masher or mash them with the help of a blender.
  8. Add the syrup to the chia pudding, which should already have a porridge-like consistency.
  9. Mix everything very well, so that the strawberry syrup is well incorporated into the chia pudding.
  10. Leave the chia pudding in the refrigerator for a few hours, or even overnight.
  11. Use the remaining strawberries to decorate, and top with a drizzle of honey if necessary.
  12. Serve.

Suggestion: If you want to use a redder/pinkier and more flavorful syrup, add more strawberries to it. I made this syrup only to give more flavor to the pudding, but you can take more risks.

You can also make a strawberry smoothie instead of using milk. The chia pudding will have a pinkier and prettier color.

Use the fruit you enjoy the most. I used strawberries because I like the combination, but this also tastes great with mangoes, wild berries, and papaya or you can use fruit with a simple color and place it on top (for example, apple or pear).

For anyone wanting a thicker consistency, use plain yogurt instead of milk. It tastes great!


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